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30 days of TailwindCSS - day 2

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Alin Pisica
·Sep 23, 2021·

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Day 2? Wait, this isn't a one-time project that we abandon after a few hours?

While reading the article I recommend playing this song.

Keep it simple

Since this project didn't come just as a full-time TailwindCSS self-development stage, I focused today a little bit on using the NextJS API and how to interact with the backend. Also, discovered that SSR is more than a simple abbreviation and actually involves some fun stuff.

I focused on some basic animations, typewriting effects, and centering / and arranging elements in the webpage. In the end, the result was represented by a quote randomizer that combined with some animations on a simple page. Not great, not terrible, as Dyatlov would say. Huge shoutout to James F Thompson for the quotes database that he publicly provided on GitHub.


You can see the application here.


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